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How cooperation with us looks like


1. Personal appointment

Our cooperation begins with a free introductory appointment. This is ideally timed in the project creation phase or not later than one month before the installation of electrical wiring in the new construction. During the appointment, the lighting technician will explain to you what human centric lighting is; go with you through your ideas, preferences and dislikes. At the same time, he will also explain to you the latest lighting trends. If you decide, that you would like to use our services, the next phase of cooperation will be the creation of a design and the calculation of lighting.

„We care about your satisfaction.“


2. Design

According to the documentation from the building designer and your ideas, we will create an individual design of human centric lighting. If you are interested in an intelligent lighting system, we will create a design so that it is a full-fledged part of your “SmartHome” or “SmartOffice”. The entire lighting system will be automatically controlled. If necessary, you will be able to intervene from your computer, mobile phone, or wall control panel. To save as much electricity as possible, we install sensors for lighting intensity and motion in the rooms, which dim the lights when you aren’t in the room or when the daylight is bright enough. However, if you are interested in a simple on/off lighting system, we will choose a different approach and minimize acquisition costs. More information about lighting design can be found here.

„Design according to your wishes.“


3. Installation

Once we clarify everything around the lights, we will conclude the design, calculations, and visualization of the complete lighting solution. Based on this data, we will agree and approve with you the proposed design and budget. In case you are interested in implementation through our company, we will agree together on the date of delivery and installation. Then we will finalize everything.


„From calculations quickly to installation.“


4. Optimization

The light installation doesn’t finish our work. We will verify the study of the energy efficiency of lighting created in the design phase. We will also ask your satisfaction with the lights and whether you feel an improvement in your health and sleep. If you need our help in the future, we will be here for you.


„Cost minimization is a must for us.“

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